Favourite Incident

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Favourite Incident
I know this sounds a bit weird, but what is your favourite incident, accident, crash, or near-disaster?

Mine is British Airways Speedbird 38, the first ever Boeing 777 crash.
Mine is 'Target Destroyed'
Korean Airlines flight 007 (I think...)
Kay, I'm gonna delete the other posts
Sorry to go of topic but, favourite incident! I think its kind of compelling to like an aircrash.
Maybe, Most remembriable incident is a more fitting title Smile[hr]
My most remembreable one is the Helios Airways Decompresion which killed all on board.
I really respect that flight attendents attempts to save the lives of others.
The incident that I think of the most is the Concorde's crash with Air France.
The Concorde thing wasn't really the Concorde's fault at all, it was the DC-10's fault.....
And NOW Continental is being sued for itTongue[hr]
Like 10 years later!

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