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Defense Expert
There should be multiple positions for this expert position since there are multiple countries being represented. For example, I live in the US and have no idea what European countries might be doing etc. So maybe next to the expert tag, put the countrys initials next to it. Like Defense Expert(US)
I like it!!
approved for discussion....
Well maybe not the initials....I think a little flag would be cool
Flag does seem better.
Are you trying to urge me into learning complex HTML or something? Just kidding, I'll think about the flag.
Whatever works. As long as there's a distinction
How many countries should there be?
Good question...probably Canada, US, and UK should be separate, but I don't know if Europe is generally together or if the defense is for their own country
Okay, I'll think about it.
(05-21-201112:22 PM)AirbusA340 Wrote: How many countries should there be?

Who ever gets the position and their country

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